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Making music investable
for everyone.

360X Music – your expert in tokenizing music assets.

360X Music is your expert in tokenizing music assets. 

We provide together with our partners a fully regulated solution offering investors and fans a way to actively participate in the viability of music assets – in a primary issuance or on the secondary market.


01. Asset Identification

& Deal Structuring

  • Pre-Audit & Rating

  • Deal & Issuance Structure

  • Smart Contract Development

  • Project Management

02. Issuance 

& Platform Onboarding

  • Facilitation of Token Issuance Structure

  • Smart Contract Deployment & Audit

  • Asset Tokenization & Token Minting

  • Identifying best suited Trading Platform

03. Product Marketing

& Investor Relations

  1. Provision of all required documents
  2. Sourcing and onboarding investors

  3. Investor relations

  4. Marketing support


Bringing front-loaded revenues back to music.


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Please send me further informations.

I am an Investor and want to know more.

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01. Revenues & Rights Retention; a win win

Tokenization of assets empowers all players in the game: music holders retain their rights while investors and fans take part and gain from the success of a specific IP. 

02. A Game Changer for Music Rights Holders

We are opening the doors to a new i

nvestment category: music rights. A never-before-seen opportunity for music rights holders. 

03. Early Wins from Long-drawn Revenues  

Streaming royalties can now be front-loaded. Our solution allows one to count their eggs before they hatch and credit from forecasted revenues.

04. Financing Opportunities

for All

Be they established or emerging, we enable all music rights holders to benefit from the right financing and access a potent network of investors with a curated offer.

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